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Pennsylvania areas


Left on Continental Airlines on 6-12-11 - Sunday - 6:30 am (Joe, Pam, Stephen, Sarah, Mymphis, Bryson, Marilyn and Kelly met at our house) and flew to Newark, NJ. and de-planed and flew to Harrisburg, PA. on a turbo-prop plane.

The entire time we stay at a Howard Johnson hotel in Harrisburg in rooms 226 and 228 which were joined rooms. Queen size beds, small fridge, iron and board, outdoor pool - a large one. The hotel had a breakfast of waffles, 3 kinds of cold cereal, bagels with plain cream cheese, english muffins and jelly, milk, orange juice, apple juice, doughnuts

Sunday - 6-12 - went to Hershey Park (about 20 miles away) and just drove around to check out the place. Ate at Funcks at Hershey (very nice family place).

Monday - 6-13 - ate breakfast at the hotel and went to Hershey Park and stayed all day. 2/3 of the park was a water park the rest had 11 nice amusement rides including the Farenhiet roller coaster - Stephen and Sarah rode it and Sarah got sick. Very new and modern looking  park. Ate dinner at Bob Evans at Harrisburg.

Tuesday - 6-13 - Went to Dutch Wonderland - a princess type kid only amusement park. Lots of rides and games for small kids. Ate dinner at the Lancaster Brewery - just outside the Howard Johnson hotel. Probably the nicest restaurant in Harrisburg. Mymphis spilled her adult water glass (the restaurant should have given her a child's cup). The waitress was so miffed she threw down some towels on the floor and left the area. We had to clean up the mess. Bryson was fussy adding to the waitress's attitude. This was not a family type restaurant but a nice steak and seafood place.

Wed - 6-14 - went to Sesame Place - a Sesame street theme park. Half the park was a water part. Very nice and modern. We had lunch at the park - very long lines at the 2 places to eat at. We ate dinner at Julio's Italian Eatery. Nice bar and grill type place - like a poor man's Denny. Very good food and lots of it. Great "meat in a bun" and Stromboli with a good side bowl of marinara sauce.

Thursday - 6-15-11 - Slept in. Went to Hersey Chocolate world (very expensive - $35 per person if you want the works) and Hersey museum. Hersey Chocolate world had the largest gift shop I have seen. Everything you could imagine with a Hersey theme. Ate dinner at the Capitol - a 1950's style, chromed out restaurant. Very nice Denny like place. Hersey museum was about 5 miles away so we drove there (you could pay extra to take a bus from the World to the museum). The museum cost some and was simply a walk thru and look only type museum.

Friday - 6-16 - Breakfast at McDonalds. Left at 9:30 am and went to Lake Tobias Wilderness park. A great kid place. Cost - $10 per person. Saw 2 lions, 1 tiger, 3 bears, baboons, birds, many exotic animals. You can get very close to the animals. We took a bus ride thru the open wilderness, about a 1 mile drive. The bus had no top on it or windows so you can actually touch some of the animals (which we all did). Saw emu, antelope, deer, Texas longhorn, buffalo and many other animals. The animals come right up to the bus and you can feed them and touch them. Also a petting zoo and a new indoor reptile area (it was not much fun). We left and ate at Friendly's Ice Cream and Sandwiches - a great place and geared for kids. We then went to the hotel and Stephen and Sarah went to the midnight ghost tour in Gettysburg at 9:00 PM. Marilyn and I watched the kids.

Saturday - Ate at Friendly's again and left for Tulsa and flew to Chicago on United Express, de-planed and flew to Tulsa on United Express.