Tulsa Walking Trails


Blue Ridge Parkway trip - many states we went through.


10-13-12 - Saturday - Left home
Went with Gap and Sache in the 2008 Dodge Ram pickup, just Marilyn and Kelly.
1st stop -
90 miles from the house at Sallisaw, south of I-40 just west of a gas station.
Good place to walk the dogs.
Lunch at McDonalds.
2nd stop -
at Morrilton, Ark. exit 308 - a community college south of I-40.
You can't miss seeing this from I-40. A great place to walk the dogs if the school is closed.
3rd stop -
Big Dam Bridge - a mile long bridge just for walkers and bikers. A must do place to go.
Arkansas also has another park (we did not go to it) - the largest city park in the USA - forgot the name but there are signs along I-40.
Has 17 soccer fields, etc.
4th stop -
Birkley - between Little Rock and Memphis - Exit 216 - turn north.
Stayed at a motel 6 - cost $51 for all 4 of us. 2 double beds, large room. Lavatory had little water pressure.
Ate dinner at Gene's BBQ.

10-14-12 - Sunday - went to Louisiana Purchase state park - southeast of Brinkley.
Very small parking lot.
Entire park you walk on a board walk only!
A head water swamp (versus a more common backwater swamp).
2nd stop -
Meeman Shelby Forest state park - north of Memphis. Had a 5 mile paved walking/bike trail. We did not walk this trail.
We ate at Jackson, Tenn at Outback. Had a 4 course meal.
3rd stop -
stopped at Natchez trace state park. Very beautiful park right off I-40. A forest. Tree lined roads.
Slept at Dickson, west of Nashville at a new concept Motel 6. Cost -$51 for 2 double beds. Great water pressure.

10-15-12 - Monday - ate at Shoney's in Dickson - 4 miles west of the Motel 6. Great food.
1st stop -
Cedars of Banon state park.
We walked on limestone sink trail - .5 miles long. A small park, not pretty. Big swim pool. A flat park with lots of trees.
2nd stop -
Edgar Evins state park - Exit 268 off I-40, then 4 miles south. In the mountains.
The mountains start here. Don't walk up the tall tower at the park office because the trees cover any views except the dam.
Trees everywhere at this park.
Cabins are townhouses. Large marina. Small park.
Trails go up and down the mountain (we did not walk any).
No RV areas. All tent camping is done on wood platforms since the park is on the side of a mountain.
Annoying speed bumps.
3rd stop -
Burgess Falls state park.
3 great falls to see. This is a must do park to see.
Middle falls and a high falls along a 3/4 mile trail. This is the only thing to do at this park but it is a great thing to do.
4th stop -
Rock Spring state park.
South of Burgess State park.
Has the best water falls at Twin Falls area - actually 6 falls in about a 200 ft area.
Pretty park. Had the best looking cabins we have seen.
We ran out of daylight and did not walk on any trails.
Stayed at Cooksville - west of Knoxville - on I-40 - stayed at a Motel 6 - cost $55.
Dinner at Taco Bell.

10-16-12 - Tuesday
1st stop -
House mountain state natural area - 10 miles north of Knoxville.
3 trails and all takes you to the top of the mountain.
We took the blue trail - very rocky. We could not make it to the top.
Too steep and rocky. There is a tower at the top.
2nd stop:
Great Smokey Mountains - from Sicrerville to Pigeon Forge to Gattinburg.
Road was jam packed with cars.
Every restaurant you ever heard of was on this road.
3rd stop:
Smokey Mountains. Lots of cars.
Leaves were turning at their peak!
Parkway ended at Ashville, NC.
Stayed at a Days Inn off I-40 - cost - $79.
Great vista views - lots of stairs here.
The only other motel was the Plantation Motel that advertised "no stairs".
10-17-13 - Wed
Ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. A great breakfast.
1st stop:
Blue Ridge Parkway at Ashville, NC. We went north.
Stopped at the head quarters of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the arts and craft center.
Entire parkway has mile markers and maps showing interesting things to do at the mile markers.
2nd stop -
Exit 361 - bad garden.
Mt. Mitchell state park.
very busy place at the top of the mountain.
Difficult walk to the summit.
Has a restaurant.
Easy summit walk also.
Hwy 226 is a great exit for motels at Little Switzerland.
Take exit for the Minerals museum at Spruce pine.
3rd stop:
Linville Falls - a great developed area for viewing the falls.
Huge parking lot, wide trails.
Best looking overall natural area I have ever seen.
Stayed at the Parkview Lodge on Hwy 221, 6 blocks east of the Blue Ridge parkway and 1 mile south of Linville Falls.
A great local motel. Cost - $76.
2 double beds and a very large room.
Breakfast is included - a quiche served in a small area in front of the front desk.
10-18-12 - Thursday
Started at mile marker 316.
1st stop:
Mile marker 308.3 - a trail. A 1 mile trail. Well marked. Many small signs along the way.
Blowing Rock - alot of Inns.
Boone - a huge city.
Lots of fog today - had to get off the parkway.
Hwy 221 parallels the parkway and has lots of tourist things to do.
Got back on the parkway at Virginia.
2nd stop:
Mabry Mill - the most photographed shot on the Blue Ridge trail.
3rd stop:
Rocky Knob - huge picnic area.
Stayed at Lexington, Virginia at a Days In - cost - $130.
10-19-12 - Friday
Ate breakfast at Berky's - near the Days inn.
A 1950's themed truck stop restaurant.  Great buffet.
1st stop:
Shenandoah National park
Got some yogurt/chocolate covered pretzels.
2nd stop:
Hawksville Trail - takes you to the top of the tallest mountain in the park.
Great trail with a great view.
Stayed in Hancock, MD at a Days inn - cost - $56 + $10 per dog.
Saturday - 10-20-12
Ate breakfast at Weaver's Restaurant and bakery. Good place.
1st stop:
Green Ridge state forest - exit 64? off I-68.
Did not walk anywhere.
2nd stop:
Rocky Gap state park and Resort. To developed for our taste. We did walk around the boat launch area. Beautiful park.
Went to our first Sheetz convenience store. They are bigger and better than Quiktrips.
3rd stop:
Dan's mountain state park off I-68. Very small park. Longest and slowest road to get here. Do not go here. No one was there. No employees.
Headed on I-79 south to I-64.
4th stop:
Stonewell Resort state park on I-79. Too developed. Nowhere to walk the dogs. Nice cottages, golf course, etc.
5th stop:
Kanawha state forest in Charleston, West Virginia. 6 mile narrow park road. Unspoiled area. In a forest.
Park office was a very old building with a small gravel parking log.
Getting to this park was 6 miles of narrow, winding, lots of right and left turns on residential roads - 25-35 miles per hour.
If you miss a sign, you are lost.
Stayed at a Days inn about 80 miles west of Charleston.
10-21-12 - Sun
1st stop - Cave run rec area - a corp of engineer area.
Breakfast at the Ponderosa.
2nd stop:
Salato wildlife education area. Off I-64, west of Lexington. Too developed. Has a pond. Lots of places to walk around.
3rd stop:
exit 92 of I-64 in Indiana. Marenco cave. we did not go here.
4th stop:
O'Bannon woods state park. Exit 92 off I-64. Forested park but alot to do. A pool, church, nature center.
Very nice park. Cost - $7 to get in.
Best nature center we have ever seen.
Very nice 1 mile walking trail around the center.