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This web page is a personal journal of our stays at the state parks and other areas.

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Texas state parks work like this: When you drive up to the park office, you have to pay for a spot. If you don't have a spot picked out, they will assign you one that you can change, if you want to, once you check out the spots. Cost - $17 night. They also charge $3 per person. You can get a 30 minute free pass also.


Eisenhower State Park

Ray Roberts State Park and lake


Eisenhower State Park

Generally located: On the border of Okla. and Texas - part of Lake Texoma.

Best known for it's: ?


Date stayed: 4-14-07 - just visited.

Directions: Take Hwy 69/75 south to the border of Okla. and Texas (like you are going to Dallas from Tulsa), then west about 5 miles in Lake Texoma.

Size of park: Medium

RV Camping: Many spots.

Showers and restrooms: yes

Places to let the dogs run without leashes: none

Cabins: ?

Length of trails: ?

Animals we saw: ?

Sites to see inside the park: none

Sites to see outside the park:
Dennison Dam. On one side is a large boat ramp area for about 100 boats. Great area to walk around.
On the other side is also a good area to walk around. White pelicans with black tips on their wings were there (about 50 were in the water).

Pros: none

Cons: Very cramped and older park. RV spots are small (for small RV's). No lake by the RV areas. Small trees with alot of brush under them. You cannot walk thru the trees. No place to walk the dogs due to the park being very cramped (not even by the side of the roads! )


Date built: ?

US Army Corps of Engineers facilities: no

Other info: (we have a brochure)

Nearest cities: Dennison





Ray Roberts Lake (the southern park is called Isle du Bois unit and the northern unit is called Johnson Branch unit )

Generally located: North of Dallas and north of Denton on I-35 or 10 miles east of Sanger, Tx.

290 miles from our house in north Broken Arrow.

Best known for it's: very large park and lake and boating

Phone: 940-686-2148 (southern part)  (Texas Parks general - 512-389-8900). Park hours - 8:00 AM  to 10:00 PM. Check out time - 2:00 PM

Date stayed: 9-16-10 - On the way to Arlington to trade lap tops with Jeff

Directions: Just north of Denton on I-35 in Sanger.


Isle du Bois Unit (southern part) -     100 PW 4137, Pilot Point Tx 76258 -   940-686-2148

Johnson Branch unit (northern part) - 100 PW 4153, Valley View, Tx 76272 - 940-637-2294

Take Exit 478 to the main southern part (then 10 mile east).

Take Exit 483 to the northern part (then go 7 miles east of I-35)

Size of park: large. The lake is 30,000 acres.

RV Camping:

There are 2 areas - one north of Sanger and one at the Sanger exit. Both are large areas.

We stayed at the main area east of Sanger. There are 2 RV areas in the southern area: Deer Ridge (75 spots and most of these are too short for our 30' long RV). Quail run - 38 spots and where we stayed. Half of these spots were too short for our RV. The other spots were 31' long - just barely long enough for our RV. All spots are reservable.  

We stayed at spot# 162 - closest to the restrooms but we could not see the restrooms due the curve in the road. Our 2nd choices would be spot #163 or #164 (both next to our spot). There was a row of trees separating #162 from #163 and #163. We were able to back our RV over the concrete stop barriers and gain another 3'.

Cost of RV spots: $25 night. It also costs $5 per person per day to get into the park. Check out time - 2:00 PM.

Showers and restrooms:

Very nice. One large shower/restroom combo per RV area (ie Quail Run or Deer Ridge). There were 3 showers stalls (each with shower curtains) per building and 2 lavatories (with glass mirrors and plenty of counter top space and faucets with plenty of pressure and stay they on until you turn them off) and 3 toilets. Has 2 entrances - the first time I have seen this. Lots of small flying insects inside.

Places to let the dogs run without leashes: Not really. The dam area has 2 areas opposite the water side but they are small and usually have people there.

Cabins: no but there is a lodge just north of the area.

Length of trails: Each north and south park areas have a 8' wide concrete sidewalk that runs though out the entire park. We have never seen a park with such a nice trail.

Animals we saw: large deer (just a few however), skunk.

Sites to see inside the park:

Green Belt Corridor - by the dam opposite the water side on the east side. A very beautiful trail that is tree lined on both sides. Trail is 7 miles long and does not loop back. The first 3/4 mile is tree lined. However, there were alot of mosquitoes since the area is dark and cool and wet. Alot of spider webs also with big fat spiders.

Sites to see outside the park: none. You have to go 70 miles south to Arlington for any tourist type places.

Pros: Very well maintained and clean park. Large swim area and day use area.

Cons: The concrete walking trails have alot of spider webs with big fat spiders. Few to none digital TV channels. The few we got the signal would not hold for long.

If you don't reserve a certain spot# in advance, then when you first get to the park, you must tell the park office what spot# you want before you set up your RV. You have to drive around, note what spot#'s you like, then drive back to the park office and check to see if your spot is reserved or not.

We had one of the largest double wide spots and it was just barely wide enough and long enough for our 30' long RV and truck.

There was 1 dump station for the entire southern park for 103 RV spots (Quail Run and Deer Ridge) but you can park on both sides.

You cannot gather fire wood.

Pet leashes - 6' max !

Fishing: yes. Plenty of shore line to fish from.

Date built:

US Army Corps of Engineers facilities: The dam was built by the corps.

Other info:

To get to Jeff's house, take I-35 to I-35 W (ie Ft. Worth). Then go to I-20 and go east. Exit at Kelly-Elliott. Go north to Pleasant View (or Pleasant Ridge) road (about 2 blocks or the first stop light you come to). Turn east. Go 1 block to the first stop light. Turn south. Go past the curve to the 2nd street, turn right (west).
Jeff's address is:
4105 Timber Trail Drive
Arlington, Tx.

This park is 70 miles from Jeff's house.

Gate to the park closes at 10:00 PM but you can get in if you have the code.

The park has Wi-Fi internet but only near the park office. Marilyn was able to connect with her wireless ATT plug in card.

Wild Plum area - at the southern part, this is tent camping only and you have to walk to it only to get to it. No one was there when we were there.

Ray Roberts lake was created by the Ray Roberts dam - a very long dam.


Nearest cities: Sanger is 10 miles west and has many fast food places along I-35. Has 4,100 people.

Website: for reservations - www.texasstateparks.org




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Size of park:

RV Camping:

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Showers and restrooms:

Places to let the dogs run without leashes:


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Animals we saw:

Sites to see inside the park:

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US Army Corps of Engineers facilities:

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